Friday, November 4, 2011

Gotemba Outlet shopping

I'd decided to start a section here on my Gotemba Outlet shopping trips since I go there like twice a year. Attempt to keep track of my spending and remind me not to spend too much money on a particular category or brand.

I skipped all the luxury brands in order to save money and time. Sayonara to Prada, Tods and Burberry, the boutiques that I always go in but never bought anything except for a pair of Tods shoes that I love dearly now.

I'd also learned to zoom into only clothes that are on special clearance discount and not buy any "latest" stock that has no further discount.
Was looking for an oven plate to grill my chicken and found this Made in Japan Cera-Cook at Franc Franc. The design and quality looks good and was on special sale at 2500yen. Not sure how much was the original price, but since it's made in Japan, it should be very good. Comes with mini recipe :)

Found this super mini weighing machine that was also on clearance sale @1980 yen and was enthusiastically looking forward to weigh myself but...

It doesn't work. I checked that the battery was connected and everything switched on, but the damn 0.0kg wouldn't show. Instead it showed some weird digits for 1 sec and disappeared. Damn... a faulty product. So I had no choice but to spend an expensive phone call to Franc Franc and ask what to do. Luckily, in a good service nation like Japan, the sales offered to deliver a brand new unit to my home to exchange for the faulty unit. FOC! So nice of them, will definitely buy more stuff from them in the future if I need anything.

Also bought these cooking tools to accumulate my bill to more than 5250 yen for a 5% further discount. They're a bit expensive, but good quality.

Bought some Godiva gift sets because they're clearing expiring soon products. Buy over 3000yen to get this cool ice bag. Not sure if I'll ever use it, but it's free, so I take.

Yummy patisserie inside~ Good to last me till end of next week :> Still pondering to have the other box of chocolate biscuits all to myself or give it away during christmas...hmm...

Went inside Lacoste outlet for the first time. Always missed it because I spent too much time digging at GAP. Found this really cute long sleeve shirt @3400yen, originally @8400yen.

I really like Lacoste design, it has a very elegant and designer look to it. But the sleeves are always too long and the prices too expensive for a student like me. But this hoodie was on special discount and I really love the patterns on its hood. Originally @14700yen, after discount is 7182yen. I think it's a good deal because I can wear this for spring and fall, plus bring it back to Singapore to shield office air-con.

Banana Republic here is really more expensive than US. Anyway, I found another special discount shirt that is nice to go over with one of my Uniqlo heatec garment. Originally sold at 5800yen, now 2610yen. Also a pair of socks at 504yen.

Was eying on a white sweater to add into my wardrobe and found this. Originally at 6800yen, now 4284yen.

Last but not least, my favorite cheap and good quality store GAP. This wool cardigan at 3923yen, originally 5900yen.

Another hoodie at 2802yen, originally 5900yen. Like this color a lot :)