Sunday, August 11, 2013

Massaging stuff from Tokyu Hands

Sales tried to sell me this brand of magnetic band called colantotte. Although they're endorsed by sportsmen, there's no clinical trials that proof it works.

Bought bunch of massaging stuff and something called "Frownies", which is from US, said to reduce wrinkles by just pasting the paper on your face! 12 pieces for 525yen is quite pricey... hope it works!

The massaging stuff I bought:
-Rocoroco pen with a metallic ball roller, 840yen
-Kubimomux for neck pain relief, 840yen
-Akaishi Eye stick for eye strain relief, 840yen
-Head Spa Handpro for scalp massaging, 1050yen
-Eye training googles "pasonet eye", 1029yen.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dr. Ci:Labo review

I received their free sample last week and gave it a try. Unfortunately, I do not like any of them. Their make up remover doesn't clean as well as Fancl MCO, their essence is too intense and their gel is filled with alcohol smell that I had to rub for more than 3 seconds to get rid of.

Comes with a letter to thank us for trying out, so polite... But sorry I don't like your products.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Body Brush and massager

Bought this brush because I read that dry brushing helps to lessen cellulite. I'd been using various "improved formula" of Clarins body shaping cream and body lift but they don't work at all. Tried L'occitane cellulite control Amande, which was limited edition, worked ok but not fantastic too. So finally I decided that it should be more worthwhile to invest in a good brush that can be used for a long time than spending on expensive creams. My friend discovered that it feels good to use the massaging side too to hit your back to release shoulder tension XD This brush has natural pig bristles. Made in Taiwan, 2310yen.

Tried this with my friend last time too and it felt good. Made in Japan, 3150yen. Hopefully it will help to ease my shoulder tension.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fancl pore products and sunscreen

Fancl pore cleansing pack for 2500yen. I found it not bad, and targeting the T-zone and U-zone area. Skin pores do seem smaller after first use. I'm thinking that it's stronger than peeling creams. I hope it'll  help to clear my pimples after a month, then I continue to maintain with peeling creams. I also bought pore cover base mouse style 1800yen since it is such a raved product.

Bought Orezo White Face Protect UV because the sales say that this has low irritation and PA++++ to prevent wrinkles, perfect for the eye area. Did not feel too greasy after application.


The Fancl pore cover base was fantastic at first when I wasn't sweating. It really made my pores invisible. Unfortunately, once I sweat (a lot), the cream came off with my foundation and the nose and cheek area became a murky mess... Sad... I thought it worked well...

As for Orezo, I'd used it several times around my eyes now and it is really non-irritating unlike other sunscreen products. (my eyes are very sensitive). With PA++++, can't go wrong to protect eyes from wrinkling!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Japanese skincare products for summer

Pimples are appearing on my face and blackheads are dotting my T-zone and chin area. So I went to Tokyu Hands with my friend to stock up on some summer skincare products. We tried Ettusais peeling milk(120ml) and it seems to work well at 1365yen. The sales say that this product is very weak with water, especially when you apply in the bathroom with damp hands, so she recommended Hanayuki cleansing gel (200ml 3150yen) that has been a long-time best-selling product in Japan. She said that peeling products are recommended than using those blackhead-peeling sheets that will enlarge your pores even more because the holes become stuck again without proper care. So the best way is to reduce the pores gradually. Ok, sounds legit. I just tried Hanayuki and it does work pretty well, hopefully after a few weeks (2-3 times/week), my white and blackheads will be completely removed!

We also looked at sunscreen for body that is not sticky and found Skin Aquat: spf50, 40ml at 880yen. Japan doesn't have much shelter like Singapore so I bought one to use over here. But it feels very good when we tested the sample so I might buy more for my friend back home too :3

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Japanese Hair care products

Ordered this La Sana trial set (those in the box) for 1050yen. Contains 5 sachets of shampoo, 5 sachets of conditioner (but they prefer to call it "treatment" here), mini hair essence bottle and hair mist for the morning. Used their hair essence (shittori type) and felt my hair softer next morning, so I bought the "sara-sara" type hair essence (L bottle) to try out since it was on special offer 4980yen.

Edit (15/7/2013): The essence shittori works very well but sara-sara was soso. The hair mist was weak.

Also bought the famous tsubaki oil from Oshima at 1150yen to try out because of my thinning curly hair. I wonder if this is the secret to Japanese hair still looking so thick even with so much colouring and damage to their hair and scalp!

Japanese skin care and hair care companies always like to mail lots of papers along with the order to explain the usage, product line introduction, customer reviews and thank you letter.... And yes, a few free samples too!