Sunday, August 11, 2013

Massaging stuff from Tokyu Hands

Sales tried to sell me this brand of magnetic band called colantotte. Although they're endorsed by sportsmen, there's no clinical trials that proof it works.

Bought bunch of massaging stuff and something called "Frownies", which is from US, said to reduce wrinkles by just pasting the paper on your face! 12 pieces for 525yen is quite pricey... hope it works!

The massaging stuff I bought:
-Rocoroco pen with a metallic ball roller, 840yen
-Kubimomux for neck pain relief, 840yen
-Akaishi Eye stick for eye strain relief, 840yen
-Head Spa Handpro for scalp massaging, 1050yen
-Eye training googles "pasonet eye", 1029yen.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dr. Ci:Labo review

I received their free sample last week and gave it a try. Unfortunately, I do not like any of them. Their make up remover doesn't clean as well as Fancl MCO, their essence is too intense and their gel is filled with alcohol smell that I had to rub for more than 3 seconds to get rid of.

Comes with a letter to thank us for trying out, so polite... But sorry I don't like your products.