Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mitsui Outlet first shopping catch

My first time to local outlet chain Mitsui at Tama Minami Osawa in Tokyo and first time to shop in Japan's new year sale. Train ride costs 390yen and around 35-40mins from Shinjuku via Keio line.

My fashionable winter cap 2835yen from Topkapi. Original 3150yen. Still expensive but I like the design.

Bought my first 2012 lucky bag from Prose Verse, a local fashion store that I'm not familiar with. 8400yen. 8 items in total, cannot see them because each bag was sealed. The last bag was in our hands so I made the purchase since it contains winter wear.

Ugly hairband... no thanks. Give to my friend's niece.

Nice orange stole until...

 I found a mud stain on it... I thought it's brand new?

This design was ok at first, but on a later thought, it looks too hippy for me.

Don't like this shirt too.

 This one is nice when I wear black turtleneck inside.

This one is nice, but I need to buy a long sleeve round neck heattech from uniqlo to match.

Next year's fashion color is orange. I think I'll wear it with my turtleneck when the weather is not so col, brrr~

Troublesome button coat, but cute.

A disclaimer to decline exchanges and a 20% coupon for next purchase on original prices only. The original price is so expensive, of course I'll not buy unless its on clearance price!

Tea from Wedgewood sold at Fete seems nice. They sell lots of olive oil too, but they're expensive and expires within 6 months. I'm not cooking yet so I'll just grab cheaper oil from supermarket.

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