Saturday, July 27, 2013

Body Brush and massager

Bought this brush because I read that dry brushing helps to lessen cellulite. I'd been using various "improved formula" of Clarins body shaping cream and body lift but they don't work at all. Tried L'occitane cellulite control Amande, which was limited edition, worked ok but not fantastic too. So finally I decided that it should be more worthwhile to invest in a good brush that can be used for a long time than spending on expensive creams. My friend discovered that it feels good to use the massaging side too to hit your back to release shoulder tension XD This brush has natural pig bristles. Made in Taiwan, 2310yen.

Tried this with my friend last time too and it felt good. Made in Japan, 3150yen. Hopefully it will help to ease my shoulder tension.

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