Sunday, July 7, 2013

Japanese Hair care products

Ordered this La Sana trial set (those in the box) for 1050yen. Contains 5 sachets of shampoo, 5 sachets of conditioner (but they prefer to call it "treatment" here), mini hair essence bottle and hair mist for the morning. Used their hair essence (shittori type) and felt my hair softer next morning, so I bought the "sara-sara" type hair essence (L bottle) to try out since it was on special offer 4980yen.

Edit (15/7/2013): The essence shittori works very well but sara-sara was soso. The hair mist was weak.

Also bought the famous tsubaki oil from Oshima at 1150yen to try out because of my thinning curly hair. I wonder if this is the secret to Japanese hair still looking so thick even with so much colouring and damage to their hair and scalp!

Japanese skin care and hair care companies always like to mail lots of papers along with the order to explain the usage, product line introduction, customer reviews and thank you letter.... And yes, a few free samples too!

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