Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fancl pore products and sunscreen

Fancl pore cleansing pack for 2500yen. I found it not bad, and targeting the T-zone and U-zone area. Skin pores do seem smaller after first use. I'm thinking that it's stronger than peeling creams. I hope it'll  help to clear my pimples after a month, then I continue to maintain with peeling creams. I also bought pore cover base mouse style 1800yen since it is such a raved product.

Bought Orezo White Face Protect UV because the sales say that this has low irritation and PA++++ to prevent wrinkles, perfect for the eye area. Did not feel too greasy after application.


The Fancl pore cover base was fantastic at first when I wasn't sweating. It really made my pores invisible. Unfortunately, once I sweat (a lot), the cream came off with my foundation and the nose and cheek area became a murky mess... Sad... I thought it worked well...

As for Orezo, I'd used it several times around my eyes now and it is really non-irritating unlike other sunscreen products. (my eyes are very sensitive). With PA++++, can't go wrong to protect eyes from wrinkling!

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