Monday, July 15, 2013

Japanese skincare products for summer

Pimples are appearing on my face and blackheads are dotting my T-zone and chin area. So I went to Tokyu Hands with my friend to stock up on some summer skincare products. We tried Ettusais peeling milk(120ml) and it seems to work well at 1365yen. The sales say that this product is very weak with water, especially when you apply in the bathroom with damp hands, so she recommended Hanayuki cleansing gel (200ml 3150yen) that has been a long-time best-selling product in Japan. She said that peeling products are recommended than using those blackhead-peeling sheets that will enlarge your pores even more because the holes become stuck again without proper care. So the best way is to reduce the pores gradually. Ok, sounds legit. I just tried Hanayuki and it does work pretty well, hopefully after a few weeks (2-3 times/week), my white and blackheads will be completely removed!

We also looked at sunscreen for body that is not sticky and found Skin Aquat: spf50, 40ml at 880yen. Japan doesn't have much shelter like Singapore so I bought one to use over here. But it feels very good when we tested the sample so I might buy more for my friend back home too :3

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